Sweet Dream Gourmet

 "Sometimes Dreams Become Reality"
Sweet Dream Gourmet is one of those dreams.  It began early in the summer of 2010.  I had six boxes with an assortment of jams and several dozen biscotti loaded in my car.  I set off for my local farmer's market in Wapakoneta, Ohio.  I pulled into the parking lot, put up my tent and tables then unloaded my goods.  As I was setting up I wondered if I would make enough to cover my costs.

Actually this story began earlier in my life.  In 1989 when I started raising my family I decided to start putting up preserves; an art I learned while watching my great grandmother growing up.   When my children got to be school age I decided to enter my preserves into our local fair and to my surprise I received Blue Ribbons and Best of Show for my preserves.  So it has become an annual event each August.

I needed something to give me fulfillment in my life with my children in college.  I came up with the idea of a home based business in which Sweet Dream Gourmet was born.  I have always loved to bake and put up preserves.  I found I could operate my business from my kitchen under Ohio's "Cottage Foods" law.

My Dream is now a Reality!  I hope you will enjoy my preserves and biscotti as much as my family has over the years.
My family from left to right.  My daughter Jennie, Julie (me), my son Jared, my husband Joe and our German Shepherd, Echo.
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